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Word of the Millennium

Eureka! I have stumbled across the one word that sums up and embodies just about everything I could think to complain about in contemporary culture and politics (not that that'll stop me from doing so using more than the one word). I found the word in a quote taken from series creator Ryan Murphy's commentary track on the DVD of the first season of FX series Nip/Tuck and cited in a review from The Onion of that DVD - and incidentally, that matryushka of prepositional phrases and embedded possessives equally serves to express the giddy faux- pomo-ness also resident in this wonderful new word, which is...depthy.

As in, "Ryan Murphy says he set out to create a 'depthy show about superficiality.'"


How brilliant is that.

Speaking of The it just me, or is there actually more humor content in the masthead's subscription info than in the typical installment of "Say Something Funny"?

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