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Why is it that no one knows what lanes are for anymore when they're driving? First, people swing the opposite direction to turn (i.e., swing far left to turn right), even when they're not driving a semi. Then, they swing all over the road in completing their turn - which means people can no longer safely assume that if they're making a right turn, they can turn into the right lane and not get sideswiped by someone making a left turn from the opposite direction. Theoretically, that left-turning driver is supposed to turn into the left lane. But try assuming that...and let me know how happy your insurance company is that it'll be able to raise your premiums.

You probably think I'm going to make some kind of political point: something about cutting off education funding so no one can afford to properly learn how to drive (except the wealthy, who can afford private tutors), or something like that.

No: I blame it all on Sammy Hagar, whose contempt for safe driving knows no bounds. (Relatedly: it seems David Lee Roth is quitting music and going to become an EMT. I wonder if he'll be disappointed by the fact that few real nurses look like the ones in music videos?)

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