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Today's day of mourning (most noticeable, I suppose, because of the lack of postal service) honors the memory of Ray Charles, who most likely contributed far more to America and the world than that other guy - and definitely did less harm.

And don't let anyone tell you different.

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Anonymous said...

I was mislead .. Ketchup is NOT a vegetable!! Anddd, now I can thank him for making my paycheck late too! Grrrrrrrrrr!

FUCK! What a waste of a postal holiday! What about Jack Klugman? What about Jack Klugman? What about Mr. Rogers? What about Johnny Cash? I was mourning my paychecks tardiness.

I was reflecting on how we did nothing when the GOOD OL BUSH POSSE staged a COUP, by RIGGING THE ELECTION, and decided that jackass hand puppet was our president!

AL GORE is MY PRESIDENT! And Macintosh, I suppose, is a very good place to rule me.

Vote for change!