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More Favorite Misheard Lyrics

Frankly, I always wished the lines from Suede's "Sleeping Pills" were what I thought they were, instead of what they are: "You're a water sign / I'm an air sign." The way I first heard it, I thought Brett Anderson was singing: "You're a water sign / I'm an asshole." Much better than going along with astrological bullshit would be characterizing the other person via their implicit belief in said bullshit, and folding in the unpleasantly aggressive aspect of playing such a person for a fool by acknowledging one's own assholity. Plus, if the idea of the two lines is incompatibility, I like "water sign" and "asshole" much better. (Yes, it's true: I've got sweet F.A. to do this afternoon.)


velvet lane said...

"you're a water sign" line is hilarious. Don'tcha hate that? Cuz now you can't use that in your own song, it's too close to the real lyric.

My favorite mis-heard lyric, which is far enough away that I think I can use it w/o trouble, is from "Linger" by the Craberries. Before I knew the song was called "Linger" I thought she was singing "Do you have to, do you have to, do you have you have to love your neighbor?" And I thought it was this interesting philosophical song about whether we can truly live up to our ideals...when all along it's just a lurve song.

2fs said...

Wow - you're a Registered Commenting Person. Can I have your autograph? Anyway: my weird Onion synchronicity continues: a day after I posted the bit about being an asshole by acknowledging said fact, here's The Onion with an article based on the same phenomenon...

velvet lane said...

I am registered because once upon a time I had a BlogSpot of my own.

And, yes, I thought of you when I read the "asshole" article in the Onion.

Er, you know what I mean.

Speaking of the Onion: how come, in the funniest paper in the world, the comedians they interview for their regular Say Something Funny feature, are never funny? Not even just a little?