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Except that I'm too lazy to put in all the URLs, I think I'll for this week change my glob-thing to various guest-shots in the comment areas of other people's bolg-things. It's all very postmodern and meta-referential, doncha think. But there many of them are, linked to your right.

Coincidence time: my sister-in-law's family was in town, and near-16-year-old Mary is a book fiend, so of course we had to hit Borders. (Look - I would've taken her to a local store, but time/geographical constraints and hey, she's sixteen and thinks Borders is heaven. I'll write her a letter and tell her to patronize the local shops, 'kay?) Anyway, I see the new Modest Mouse is on sale for ten bucks, and there's the new TMBG disc right next to it at a reasonable price, so I buy 'em both. (Am I going to hell yet? Epic Records should: I hate it when record companies insist on sticking stupid little promotional stickers on the jewelbox itself, instead of on the plastic wrap. And what's worse, they use the non-removable kind. Fortunately, I'm the kind of geek that has a zillion spare jewelboxes sitting around the house. Anyway.) Looking through the lyrics, I notice the phrase "lost the plot" in larger print on the Modest Mouse disc...and oddly, that phrase occurs in one of the TMBG songs too. (Lovely cover of "Caroline, No" there, by the way.)

In utterly other news: some friends are getting ready to move to NYC, and since they're both (Caroline in particular) thrift-shop fiends and collectors, they have way more stuff than they can move. So they had a big rummage sale. And I bought an accordion. Updates once I learn to actually play it.

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