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Why bastard? Wherefore bass?

Ah, excess is a beautiful thing - this instrument should feature in a band alongside one of Rick Nielsen's infamous five-neck guitars. I can't quite figure out how it's tuned - but after a while it seems absurd to still be calling it a "bass," since clearly it's going to do more than that. The intonation problems are frightening: it's bad enough when the strings of a twelve-string guitar are out of tune, but micro-detuned low-frequency noises (I'm assuming there's some doubling involved) have got to create a godawful rumble that would really interfere with the rest of the music. But that's okay--I don't like wank fusion anyway (almost guaranteed that's what this guy plays).

Also...Dude? "III-X" is not a surname, and you're not a vacuum cleaner or some other appliance, which is where you'd usually find a name like that.

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