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Things Others Should Have Thought Of

Speaking of rapping (yes, I am hanging my head in shame), here are two things I've wondered:

1) The musician known as E (ex-Eels) put out a fun CD last year billed to "MC Honky." Now, that's reasonably funny...but really, if you call yourself "E" and you're being an MC, the obvious name to call yourself is...MC Squared. C'mon, work with me here.

2) Similarly, I was wondering why I'd never heard of a DJ using the name DJ Borscht...cuz, after all, that's beet soup (already my head is so low, you expect me what, to snap it off and hang it from my belt?) - but a quick websearch reveals that a hip-hop columnist for Seattle-based word-thing The Stranger used this byline, at least in one article from 1999. Lost opportunities...

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