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Periodically, I discover that bands I like actually haven't been heard of by more than five or six other people. This fact allows me to reclaim a few tattered threads from a very worn garment that I've stashed away in an old mothballed shoebox labeled HIPNESS. (Most often I only think bands I like haven't been heard of by many people; instead, it's just that I haven't heard of the people. I reserve the right for this to be the case now, except I'm not letting go of these threads regardless.) Anyway, there are two very good reasons to help once again disillusion me of my belief that only myself and five or six other people have heard of Statuesque: first, their music is catchy, clever, audible, and not associated with any known terrorist groups; their lyrics are witty, also clever, also audible, but are under suspicion of containing encoded references to the Left-Handed Inuit Liberation Front. That was the first reason. The second reason is that the band's website is seriously among the funniest and best-written on the web. Maybe you won't buy the band's recordings (although you can listen to mp3s at the site, with no risk of arrest, fine, or pretending to be a fourteen-year-old girl on national television), but the website's worth your trouble. Unless you're one of those greedy bastards who intentionally overvalue their trouble and falsely label it as being RARE! Released only during a five-minute interval in the middle of a Swedish farm field in 1977! The third, unlisted reason is that Statuesque is only sort of a band, being primarily the musical vehicle for one Stephen Manning, one of those musicians operating under the delusion that he is, in fact, a band, and that people like that sort of thing and are likelier to buy products released by "bands" than those made by "people." Actually, he might be an intelligent beam of light from somewhere beyond Arcturus - I don't really know for sure.

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