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how to make an old fart think of (post-Syd) Pink Floyd

First, set up a slowish, mid-tempo 4/4 beat. Hit the drums fairly hard, but add a few eighth or sixteenth notes in there, otherwise people will think of Low instead. Music should be a bit spacious, but not psychedelic. Vocals should be approached with a sort of serene, weightless sound slightly above a middle register, and should be double-tracked (bonus points if the double-tracking is split one voice in each stereo channel). Voila.

Engineers "New Horizons"
Lilys "Day of the Monkey"
Pink Floyd "Fearless"


Dave said...

God help me, though, I really like the Engineers record.

2fs said...

Yep - I like it pretty well too. But then, I like a lot of Pink Floyd - at least until the W/W/M/G version imploded. (Note for reference: I don't really even consider Syd Floyd the same band: love 'em dearly, more than the later Floyd, but they really should have changed the name.)